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Listed are soldiers that we could find that had a connection to Forsyth County. Only the soldiers with Sons of Confederate Veterans criteria of honorable service or death in service are included.
While every effort has been made to obtain accurate data, some errors are inevitable
in a project of this size. If you find an error please let us know.

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Aaron, Charles Daniels
Allen, Cyrus A.
Allen, Frederick L. (Rev.)
Allen, James M.
Allen, John F.
Allen, Oliver B.
Allen, Thomas Wray
Allen, William A.
Anderson, Cary
Anglin, Allen S.
Anglin, James Cicero

Anglin, James G.
Anglin, William M.
Armstrong, Manley B.
Armstrong, Virgil F.
Asbell, John V.
Ashworth, Benjamin L.
Austin, John Henry
Austin, Robert


Bacon, Edmund M., Dr.
Bacon, Hugh Montgomery
Bagley, Fletcher
Bagley, Isaac W.
Bagley, James Marion
Bagley, John W.
Bagley, Seaborn J.
Bagley, William A.
Bagley, William M.
Bagwell, James Emory
Bagwell, Micajah "McCager"
Bagwell, Nathan Bennett
Bailey, Leander Simpson
Bannister, James
Bannister, Powell
Bannister, William M.
Barker, Edmond
Barker, William
Barnett, James P.
Barrett, Alfred M.
Barrett, Alfred Webb
Barrett, James T.
Barron, John Thomas
Barton, James Garvin
Baylor, J. J.
Beacham, John A.
Beacham, William A.
Beall, Wesley C.
Bell, Augustus C.
Bell, Hiram Parks
Bell, Hugh L.
Bell, James W.
Bell, John Francis
Bell, Marlin M.
Bell, Thomas J.
Bennett, Andrew J.
Bennett, Berry
Bennett, Cooper
Bennett, Drury F.
Bennett, George M.
Bennet, Grief J.
Bennett, Thomas Richard
Bennett, William E.
Bennett, William J.
Benson, Oscar Monroe
Benson, Reuben W.
Benson, Shelton
Bentley, Hiram N.
Bentley, Jeremiah Hall
Bettis, John Davis
Bettis, John James
Bettis, Phillip C.
Bettis, Toliver Jackson
Black, Joseph L.
Black, Joseph R.
Black, Thomas A. M.
Blackstock, James Culton
Blackstock, William Jasper
Blackstock, Wilson Newton, Rev.
Blackston, Francis M.
Blackston, Henry W.
Blake, Caleb A.
Blake, James Thomas
Blake, John K.
Bolton, James S.
Bond, John Gains
Bond, James Larkin
Bond, James Whitfield
Bond, Thomas H.
Bond, Wilbur F.
Boren, Francis Marion
Bottoms, William H.
Bowen, James Gibson
Boyd, William E.
Bramblett, James Able
Brannon, Cicero Powell
Bridgman, Joshua A.
Brook, James W.
Brown, Berrien H.
Brown, William A.
Bruce, Joseph M.
Bruce, Killis Ramsey
Bruce, William P.
Bruton, Alberry
Bruton, Enoch Walter
Bryson, John H.
Buice, Abraham
Buice, Nathan L.
Buice, Robert
Buice, Samuel D.
Buice, William
Burgess, Joel
Burns, Robert C.
Burruss, John Henry
Burruss, Mark A. C.
Burton, Thomas Cicero
Burtz, Jesse Miller


Cain, Samuel H.
Cain, William W.
Carroll, Simeon M.
Castleberry, Benjamin W.
Castleberry, David
Castleberry, Timothy R.
Castleberry, William H.
Castleberry, William M.
Chadwick, Ephraim H.
Chambers, John B.
Chambers, Phillip
Chamblee, William Larkin
Chastain, Madison C.
Chatham, James Monroe
Chatham, James N.
Chatham, Stephen M.
Chatham, Thomas B.
Chatham, Thomas H.
Childers, William Jackson "Jack"
Chumbler, James M.
Clark, Minor C.
Clement, Benjamin F.
Clement, Christopher
Clement, Jesse N.
Clement, Lewis L.
Clement, William
Cochran, Elias A.
Coley, John F. O.
Collett, John
Collins, Andrew J.
Collins, Edley Hamilton
Collins, Ephraim T.
Compton, Newton J.
Cooper, David T.
Cox, Marion Lemuel
Cox, Samuel G.
Cox, Stephen M.
Cox, William L.
Craig, Elijah
Cross, James Absolom
Crow, Isaac
Crow, Jonathan H.
Crow, William C.


Dacus, Pascal Hawkins "Hawk"
Davenport, William E. "Will"
Davenport, William W.
David, Simeon B.
Davis, Daniel Merrill
Davis, Eli H.
Davis, Pinckney
Dawson, John D.
Day, William Marion
Denning, Valentine W.
Devore, James Edward, Sr.
Dickert, Augustus Clayton
Dodd, John M.
Dodd, Thomas J.
Dooley, Jesse Upson
Dooley, John Henry
Dooley, Joshua Anderson
Dooley, Thomas W.
Dooley, Wilburn Hughes
Dooley, William H.
Dooley, William S.
Dorris, Jasper Newton
Dougherty, Charles L.
Douglas, Jones Tarpley
Driskell, Washington
Duke, Jesse R.
Dunaway, John
Dunn, Abner E.
Duran, John M.
Durham, Archibald Benson


Echols, Columbus D.
Echols, James M.
Echols, Joshua
Edmondson, John Thomas
Edmondson, John W.
Edmondson, Meredith E.
Edwards, George L.
Edwards, Gibson M.
Edwards, John R.
Elliott, Dabner W.
Ellis, Bailey M.
Ellis, John W.
Estes, Emory
Estes, Jasper
Estes, Henderson
Estes, Hudson
Estes, Wesley
Ezzard, George W.
Ezzard, John Lewis
Ezzard, Joseph Thompson


Fagan, George W.

Fields, Joseph
Fincher, James C.
Fincher, Jesse C.
Fisher, James Lytle
Fleming, William David
Flynn, John
Foster, Green B.
Foster, Joseph D.
Foster, Ransom E.
Fowler, Elsberry C.
Fowler, George W.
Fowler, James M.
Fowler, James N.
Fowler, John
Fowler, Warren Clinton
Fowler, William A.
Fowler William B.
Francis, Thomas M.
Free, William


Gaines, Green B.
Gant, Bluford
Garrett, Amos Jack (Andrew Jackson)
Garrett, Asa C.
Garrett, Isaac Vandiver
Garrett, John Alvin
Garrett, John J.
Garrett, Rice O.
Garrett, Wells
Garrett, William P.
Gazaway, James M.
Gibson, John B.
Gilbert, Isaac P.
Gilbert, Sidney H.
Gillespie, James Columbus
Gilmer, James M.
Gilstrap, Charles Asberry
Gilstrap, John Lewis
Gilstrap, William Maxville
Glass, William F.
Gober, Henry E.
Gober, Lisbon F.
Godfrey, William L.
Goolsby, John L.
Goss, Hiram M.
Goswick, John W.
Graham, James D.
Graham, Martin
Graham, William L.
Graham, William M.
Gravitt, Alfred G.
Gravitt, Benjamin F.
Gravitt, Cicero M.
Gravitt, James Monroe
Gravitt, James W. aka Thomas W.
Gravitt, John B.
Gravitt, Robert R.
Green, Ambrose P.
Green, Andrew Jackson
Green, Curtis
Green, Forest
Green, Gaston
Green, George W.
Green, James M.
Green, John Moore
Green, Roger
Grimmett, Edwin S.
Groover, Cornelius
Guthrie, Rufus E.


Hallman, George W.
Hallman, John Calhoun
Hames, Henry Milton
Hames, Robert Asberry
Hamilton, James F.
Hamilton, William R.
Hammond, Daniel E.
Hammond, F. Marion
Hansard, William Emery
Hardin, General J., Rev.
Hardin, Isaac W.
Hardin, Lafayette A.
Hardin, Thomas A.
Hardin, William S.
Harris, Alonzo Claiborne
Harris, David Terrell
Harris, James C.
Harris, Newton T.
Harris, William West
Harrison, Alfred G.
Harrison, Joseph B.
Harrison, Jesse Franklin
Harrison, John F.
Hawkins, George Washington
Hawkins, John Furman
Hawkins, John L.
Hawkins, John Samuel
Hawkins, Lawson B.
Hawkins, Robert L.
Hawkins, Thomas Walker
Hawkins, Uriah
Hawkins, William B.
Hawkins, William Henry
Hawkins, William T.
Hayes, Samuel Lorne, Rev.
Haygood, Benjamin
Haygood, Davis
Haygood, James Aaron
Haygood, Marshall R.
Haygood, Tillmon D.
Heard, Jeptha Calvin
Heard, Jefferson P.
Heard, Joel T.
Heard, William R.
Heggie, Evans Archibald
Hembree, James Drayton
Hemphill, Joseph M.
Hemrick, Henry
Henderson, Albert Hines
Henderson, Cicero James
Henderson, G. Berry
Henderson, John M.
Hendrix, Calvin C.
Hendrix, Isaac S.
Hendrix, James L.
Hendrix, Julius T.
Hendrix, Thomas H. B.
Henson (Hinson), Hiram L.
Herndon, Thomas J.
Higgins, James D.
Higgins, John R.
Higgins, Samuel Gilmore
Hockenhull, John, Sr.
Hockenhull, John, Dr.
Holbrook, Augustus L.
Holbrook, Christopher L.
Holbrook, Elijah L.
Holbrook, Green Berry
Holbrook, Green Jackson
Holbrook, George W.
Holbrook, James Alvin
Holbrook, John Washington
Holbrook, John Wilson
Holbrook, Russell A.
Holbrook, Samuel Asbury
Holbrook, Virgil Antioch
Holbrook, Wesley A.
Holbrook, William H. H.
Holbrook, William P.
Holbrook, William S. C.
Holbrook, William T.
Holbrook, Wilson Lumpkin
Holland, Elijah
Holland, Reuben Marion
Hollums, Aaron
Hollums, Wiley Gibson
Hollums, William W.
Holtzclaw, John H.
Hope, Ellison
Hope, Lawson Henderson (b. 1826)
Hope, Lawson Henderson (b. 1839)
Howard, Abram
Hubbard, John H.
Hudson, Ira R.
Huff, Benjamin A.
Huggins, Squire M. aka D. M.
Hughes, Andrew J. W.
Hughes, Isaac Lemon, Dr.
Hughes, James Matthew, Rev.
Hughes, John T.
Hughes, Marvel D.
Hughes, Matthew M.
Hughes, Washington J.
Hughes, William Oliver
Hughes, William Thomas
Hulsey, Thomas Pleasant
Humphrey, James F.
Humphrey, Thomas Love
Hunt, Henry T.
Hunt, John L.
Hunt, Thomas W.
Hunter, Thomas H.
Hunter, William M.
Hurt, William J.
Hutchins, Drury B.
Hutchins, Drury F.
Hutchins, Norman B.
Hyde, Daniel T.
Hyde, John D.


Ingram, William J.
Jackson, Thomas P.
Jackson, William "Hope"
James, George W.
James, John W.
James, Larkin
James, Mahlon H.
James, Thomas C.
Jay, Nathan Harrison, Rev.
Jay, Thomas
Jenks, John C.
Johns(t)on, Jessup L.
Johnson, John L.
Jones, Benjamin G.
Jones, Berryman E.
Jones, Drury
Jones, Edward A.
Jones, Gilford Webster
Jones, Hiram Glenn
Jones, Isaac A.
Jones, James G.
Jones, John F.
Jones, John Lewis
Jones, Joseph L.
Jones, Seaborn
Jones, Sterling B.
Jones, Terrell
Jones, William
Jones, William A.
Jones, William Henry
Jones, William M.
Jones, William T.
Jordan, Harden A.
Julian, Abijah John
Julian, Alfred W.
Julian, Bailey F.

Julian, Michael S.

Julian, Robert McCamy
Julian, Samuel B.


Karr, James F.
Karr, Timothy J.
Kay, William B.
Keith, Anderson (Andrew) Looper
Kellogg, George
Kellogg, Henry Clay
Kellogg, Truman Ezra
Kelly, Benjamin
Kelly, John A.
Kelly, Sanford V.
Kemp, Andrew Jackson
Kemp, Augustus M.
Kemp, Columbus T.
Kemp, John M.
Kemp, Label Marvel
Kemp, Thomas M.
Kemp, William Westley
Kilby, William
King, George T.
King, Greenberry
King, Peyton Ross
Knox, James R. F. M., Dr.


Laboon, John M. (aka Laborn)
Lamb, Benjamin
Lancaster, Levi
Landrum, Alfred W.
Langford, Josiah C.
Langston, James C.
Lavender, William G.
League, Dennis M.
League, Joel P.
Ledbetter, George A.
Ledbetter, William L.
Lee, Franklin
Lee, James
Lee, Stephen S.
Lee, Wright
Leslie, Alvin T.
Lester, James H. (aka Lister)
Lester, Richard Paul
Lester, William Cicero
Lewis, Joab Franklin
Light, Alfred M.
Light, Daniel F.
Light, Franklin Sanders
Light, George W.
Light, Guilford B.
Light, Henry B.
Light, James M.
Light, Obediah T.
Light, Pleasant Green
Light, Young K.
Lindsey, Sanford J., Rev.
Little, Cyrus N.
Lockamy, Fleetwood "Fleet"
Logan, Andrew J.
Lovelady, John Joseph
Lowe, Addison C.
Lummus, Andrew John
Lummus, Isaac S.


Major, Daniel P.
Major, Elijah Marshall
Major, Enoch B.
Major, James T.
Mangum, Wiley W.
Mangum, William Anderson
Martin, Absolom B. (1824)
Martin, Absolom B. (1831)
Martin, Alfred Webb
Martin, Charles B.
Martin, Hugh W.
Martin, James Madison
Martin, Jonathan P.
Martin, Peter Burdine
Martin, Sevier
Martin, William
Martin, Zachariah
Mashburn, Charles Wesley
Mashburn, Elbert N.
Mashburn, Henry Thomas
Mashburn, James Ervin
Mashburn, John Harvey, Jr.
Mashburn, John Harvey, Rev.
Mashburn, John Wesley
Mashburn, Joseph Fletcher
Mashburn, Robert F.
Mathis, John Baxter
Mathis, William H. (1839)
Mathis aka Mathews, Reuben H.
Mathis aka Mathews, William H. (1846)
Mattison, O. N. "Ollie"
McAfee, Alexander
McAfee, Andrew Chapel
McAfee, Charles A.
McAfee, George W.
McAfee, Jesse Richardson
McAfee, Joseph J. Miller
McBrayer, George W.
McBrayer, John Bell
McBrayer, Samuel Rapie
McBrayer, William A.
McClure, Nathaniel P.
McCormack, Augustus C.
McCormack, Daniel F.
McCr(e)ary, Andrew J.
McCr(e)ary, James M.
McCr(e)ary, William F.
McDonald, Alexander H.
McDougal, John M.
McFarland, George W.
McGehee, Isaac M. "Ike"
McGinnis, Augustus C.
McGinnis, Nathaniel
McGinnis, Oliver
McKinzey, Andrew J.
McWhorter, Allen D.
McWhorter, Marcus Lafayette
Medlock, James M.
Merritt, James H. A.
Merritt, John William
Merritt, Josiah Franklin
Merritt, William G.
Milford, James A.
Mills, John P.
Mills, William E.
Millwood, Andrew Jackson
Monroe, Jesse B.
Monroe, Leander Bright
Monroe, Lemuel J.
Monroe, Wilbur F.
Monroe, William M.
Monroe, William S.
Montgomery, Robert Cicero
Mooney, Anderson
Mooney, Eli
Moore, Andrew Pierce
Moore, Frederick Adam
Moore, John
Moore, William Leander
Moore, William P.
Moorhead, Ira G.
Morgan, Henry Solomon
Morgan, John
Moulder, Edmund M.
Moulder, Hudson W.
Moulder, William P.
Mullinax, James H.
Mullinax, John Oliver
Mullino aka Mullinax aka Mullins, Felix H.
Mullins, Alfred Webb
Mullins, Felix C.


Nalley, Cunningham Moses
Neal, John W.
Neese, William J.
Neisler (born Hulsey), Joseph Milton
Nichols, Frank H., Dr.
Nix, Andrew J.
Nix, William James
Nix, William W.
Norrell, John
Norton, Thomas W.
Nuckolls, Hugh A.
Nuckolls, Joel Thomas
Nunn, James E.
Nunn, Thomas R.
Odum, Berry A.
Orr, Oliver P.
Orr, Robert
Orr, Thomas Washington
Otwell, Benjamin D.
Otwell, Cullen Joseph
Otwell, John Clark
Otwell, Solomon M.
Owen, Francis Marion
Owen, George W.
Owen, John H.
Owens, John Clark


Padgett, Ephraim Terrell
Parks, Isaac G., Rev.
Parks, James W., Rev.
Pascoe, Jeremiah
Patterson, Enoch
Patterson, Henry Lowndes, Judge
Patterson, Hiram
Patterson, Joshua
Patterson, Josiah Blair
Paxton, William H.
Payne, Elias B.
Payne, Louico M.
Pearson, William M.
Peeler or Peiler, William
Pendley, James I.
Pendley, Jermon H.
Pendley, John Fleming
Perry, Alfred Webster
Perry, Floyd Silas
Perry, Lewis
Pettyjohn, James D.
Phillips, Barnabas "Barney"
Phillips, Francis Marion
Phillips, Gabriel E.
Phillips, Isaac John
Phillips, Isaac M.
Phillips, James Crayton
Phillips, James H.
Phillips, Marshal A.
Phillips, William
Phillips, William Willford
Pierce, Caleb W.
Pierce, William G.
Pilgrim, Albert N.
Pilgrim, Martin H.
Pilgrim, Thomas Jefferson
Pirkle, Albert Green
Pirkle, Andrew Jackson
Pirkle, Isaac Sidney
Pirkle, Jacob S.
Pirkle, James G.
Pirkle, Willis
Polston, John D.
Pool(e), Marcus L., Dr.
Poole, John
Porter, Hugh
Porter, Joseph
Powell, William Riley
Proctor, John
Proctor, Thomas
Pruitt, Benjamin Franklin
Pruitt, Enoch Earley
Pruitt, Harvey M.
Pruitt, Samuel Asbury
Puckett, John A.
Pursell, Andrew J.
Pursell, Clarke W.
Pursell, John W.
Queen, Elijah Christenberry


Raines, John Wesley
Rakestraw, James R.
Redd, George W.
Redd, James
Redd, James M.
Redd, Thomas
Reynolds, John
Rice, Benjamin J.
Rice, Major Barton
Rice, William A.
Richards, James H.
Richards, W. G.
Richardson, Joseph B.
Riden, Hiram P., Dr.
Rider, David
Rider, Moses W.
Rider, Samuel H.
Rider, William C.
Robbs, James W.
Robbs, William A.
Roberts, Benjamin F.
Rogers, John Montgomery
Rogers, John Wesley
Rogers, Robert Nicholas "Bob"
Rogers, Robert Pickens
Rogers, William Edward "Will"
Rogers, William J.
Roland, Thomas W.
Roper, Charles F.
Roper, James Perry Tolbert
Roper, Robert Perry
Roper, Taliafero "Toliver"
Rylee, Isaac


Samples, Anderson G.
Samples, James S.
Samples, James W.
Samples, John Cullen "Cull"
Samples, John G.
Samples, William V.
Sams, Louis A.
Sams, William Newton
Sanders, Jacob Floyd
Sandford, William S.
Sanford, George K.
Sanford, Truman H.
Satterfield, John A.
Scales, Willis F.
Scoggins, Drury Smith
Scott, James R.
Scott, William R.
Scruggs, Elijah
Seale, Robert Alexander
Settle, James S.
Setzer, Evan A.
Sewell, Aaron J.
Sewell, Alvin D.
Sewell, Christopher A.
Sewell, Ervin
Shadburn, John Andrew
Shadburn, Willam Burrell, Jr.
Sherrill, Henry W.
Shirley, Benjamin Emaziah
Shirley, John F.
Shoemaker, Jasper Newton
Simonds, John J.
Simpson, Charles H. B.
Simpson, William A.
Sims, George E.
Sims, John A.
Sims, Samuel Seborn
Singleton, John C.
Singleton, Pyrmus W.
Slaton, Aaron P.
Sloan, William P.
Smith, Alberry Burton
Smith, Charles
Smith, Ensley J.
Smith, Green B.
Smith, Jackson Lafayette
Smith, James M.
Smith, James W.
Smith, Jesse J.
Smith, John B.
Smith, Miles Hampton
Smith, Solomon J.
Smith, Virgil R.
Smith, Wade
Smith, William
Smith, William Green
Smithy, William J.
Southard, John
Southern, Andrew Jackson "Isaac"
Sparks, Thomas H.
Speer, James P.
Speer, William F.
Spence, Calvin H.
Spence, James
Spence, John C.
Spence, Samuel P.
Spriggs, James N.
Springer, George William H.
Stanford, William John, Dr.
Stephens, Larkin L.
Stephens, Samuel B.
Stewart, Abner P.
Stewart, Walter Monroe
Stokes, Robert P.
Stone, Louis
Stone, Thomas Parker
Stovall, George Wilkes
Stovall, James Pleasant
Stovall, John Martin
Stovall, Lewis
Stovall, Patrick M.
Strawn aka Strong, Francis Newton
Strayhorn, John P.
Street, Samuel A.
Strickland, Hardy
Strickland, Hardy Wilson
Strickland, Isaac J.
Strickland, Jacob C.
Strickland, Oliver V.
Strickland, Tolbert
Stripland, William Bailey
Stroud, Willis
Swift, Edward


Tallant, David Ceago
Tanner, James Ross
Tatum, Francis Daniel
Taylor, Charles R.
Taylor, Jeptha W.
Taylor, John M.
Taylor, Moses M.
Taylor, Samuel J.
Terry, Stephen
Thomas, John H.
Thomas, John R.
Thompson, Benjamin O.
Thompson, Claiborne H.
Thompson, James McPherson
Thompson, James Robert
Thompson, Joseph R. (born 1839)
Thompson, Joseph R. (born 1842)
Thompson, Moses F.
Thompson, William G.
Thompson, William J.
Thornton, John Henry
Thornton, William Columbus
Thrasher, Thomas John
Tidwell, Henry
Tidwell, James
Tidwell, Meredith Richard
Timms, John J.
Timms, William L.
Tiner [AKA Tyner], John F.
Tinsley, Miles Washington
Tinsley, Ransom Foster
Tinsley, Thomas J.
Tinsley, Washington Irving
Tinsley, William J.
Tollison, Henry Hampton
Townley, Balum Jerdan
Townley, Wiley Sims
Trammel, Albert O.
Tribble, William Newton
Tucker, Franklin
Turner, Edmond S.
Turner, Henry H.
Turner, John R.
Turner, Lemuel Louis
Turner, William C.
Tyson, Robert Cabell


Vaughan, Andrew G.
Vaughan, H. S.
Vaughan, Henry William
Vaughan, James M.
Venable, Robert R.


Waldrip, Eli Ellis
Waldrip, William C.
Wallace, Green Berry
Wallace, James P.
Wallace, Jesse B.
Wallis, Harvey Collins
Wallis, Jesse Jefferson
Wallis, Jesse T.
Wallis, John J.
Wallis, John L.
Wallis, Sterling T.
Wallis, William C.
Wallis, William W. (born 1827)
Wallis, William W. (born 1838)
Walls, Drury Meaks
Walls, William L.
Wasson, Samuel A.
Watkins, Phillimon
Weatherford, James J.
Weems, Benjamin Cicero
Weems, Oliver J.
Westbrook, Edward Milton
Westbrook, John Reese
Westbrook, Milton
Westbrook, Samuel
Westbrook, Thompson F.
Westbrook, Wesley E.
Westbrook, Wiley H., Rev.
Westbrook, William E.
Westbrook, William J.
Westbrook, William R.
Wheeler, James A.
Wheeler, John W.
Wheeler, William P. (born 1844)
Wheeler, William Patterson (born 1830)
White, Benjamin F.
White, James R.
White, James W.
White, William P.
Whitmire, Elias Earl
Whitt, Major M.
Wilkie, Andrew H.
Williams, Asa Hudson
Williams, Henry Clay
Williams, Jesse S.
Williams, Joel M.
Williams, John L.
Williams, Joseph Washington
Williams, Thomas C.
Williams, William S., Rev.
Williams, Willis B.
Willingham, Thomas
Willingham, William Eli
Wills, Andrew J.
Wills, John E.
Wills, William Thomas
Wilson, David M.
Wilson, John Wesley
Wilson, Thomas W.
Wingo, Andrew Jackson
Wingo, Thomas W.
Wingo, William Pinckney
Wofford, Joseph
Wofford, William F., Rev.
Wood, Henry L.
Wood, Joseph P.
Woodall, David
Woodall, Joberry
Woodall, John
Woodliff, Augustus H.
Woodliff, George Franklin
Woodliff, James Wesley
Woodliff, Josiah H.
Woodliff, Oliver Perry
Woods, Winchester
Wright, Joshua Alexander


Yancey, Charles
Yarborough, Henry W.
Youngblood, Andrew J.
Youngblood, John W.