What Does In-Depth Research Entail?

In-Depth Research means that we provide the following services and documentation:

  • Preparation Initial study to fully understand the appropriate research avenues to pursue. This groundwork is essential to provide an optimum research approach and minimize the time and effort required for your search.

  • Research Plan Documenting the anticipated areas of research, types of records to be searched, and appropriate timeframes. Without the Plan there may be different expectations between you and the researcher. This will usually be done in the form of an email to gain your approval on the suggested approach.

  • Actual Research Time This is done with many of the resources available to the researcher.

  • Research Summary Details the sources investigated, results found, and potential future avenues of research.

  • Copies of Documents: Where appropriate, copies will be made of evidence that supports or is contrary to a specific line of research. This can be done with physical copies or with digital scans of the documents.

    Evidence: There is a great deal of confusion with the the difference between evidence and proof. Evidence can be provided by the researcher, but proof is a subjective assessment of the evidence. While opinions on the level of evidence may be given, the researcher will not assume that the evidence is sufficient for a level of proof. This must be a decision for the client as to when proof has been established.
    Normally the researcher will not proceed on a new avenue of research unless approval to do so comes from the client. We will typically ask if the evidence is sufficient for the clients needs before proceeding.