What do you expect for your research fee?

You should expect that a Professional Genealogist has experience with the search area and can apply that experience to search for evidence in an efficient, knowledgeable, and professional manner.

No Professional Genealogist can guarantee that they can add generations of information to your family. They can (and should) guarantee that they will apply their expertise to provide a knowledgeable perspective on any evidence discovered.

A Professional Genealogist should also maintain close contact with their clients to keep them informed of progress and obtain their permission to proceed with additional avenues of research or unforeseen expenses.

For a Single Record Search:

  • The researcher's time to do the look-up and to obtain copies
  • The time it takes to email or mail the copies to you.

  • For In-Depth Research:

    There are many ways that Researchers can report results to their clients. The availability of previous history and access to data usually dictates how the Researcher will provide data. At a minimum the Researcher should provide all of the research steps found on the "In-Depth Research" page.

    In addition, other services the Researcher may provide (as requested):

  • Travel expenses outside of Forsyth County
  • Specific research requests
  • Third party search fees
  • Vital records fees
  • Copying costs
  • Photographic expense
  • Record transcription and analysis
  • Preparing requested reports and family histories
  • Postage